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8 Easy Chirp Wheel Stretches to Reduce Back Pain

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

If you’re achy from back pain these soothing Chirp Wheel stretches will help release stiffness.

While stretching your muscles is essential for combatting pain and stiffness, releasing the fascia that encases the muscles with “Targeted SMR” is just as important. Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up.

This is a key reason why a trigger point – also referred to as a “knot” – in one muscle can cause pain in a completely different part of the body. This is known as, “referral pain”. So, tightness in one area could be causing pain somewhere seemingly unrelated and vice versa. (1)

Chirp Wheel stretching is a form of self-myofascial release (SMR) which can be used to massage out trigger points in the muscles and improve overall circulation and range of motion.

Studies show that SMR through foam rolling and chirp stretching increases range of motion and mobility, which can also lead to better posture, faster recovery from daily activities and exercise, and overall higher physical performance. (3, 4)

Guidelines for Chirp Wheel Stretching:

  1. Find a flat, firm, non slippery surface to begin.

  2. Apply moderate pressure to the muscle that you are rolling out and stop immediately if something doesn’t feel right or the pain feels like too much. Always listen to your body.

  3. Roll slowly around the areas of direct pain to help you to find trigger points.

  4. Once you find a knot, hold for a minimum of 20 seconds or until you feel a release of the pain, and then continue on until you find the next one. You may experience intensity of pain before the release.

  5. Never use the Chirp Wheel directly over bone

  6. Expect soreness the next day, just as if you had a deep tissue massage. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water after foam rolling.

  7. Keep a consistent Chirp Wheel schedule to see improvement.

Use these 8 Chirp Wheel stretching exercises to relieve back pain and achieve overall balance in your body. Start with the larger wheel and progress to the smaller one . Note where your trigger points and tightness are and make sure to do the exercises that assist those areas daily.

If you’re achy from back pain, use these soothing Chirp Wheel stretches to release stiffness.

1. Lean back