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  • What to expect once my therapist arrives?
    Your therapist(s) will arrive 10-15 minutes before the start time of your session to set up. Once you have greeted your massage therapist, please follow the steps below: 1. Guide the therapist to the room/space where the session will be taking place. 2. Allow your massage therapist to set up their table in an area with a minimum of 10 ft. x 5 ft. of space per massage table. 3. Your therapist will ask a few brief questions to confirm health details and to better understand your massage needs. They will then ask to be excused from the room to wash their hands and give you privacy to prepare for the session. 4. Undress to your level of comfort. 5. Get on top of the massage table and position your body under the sheets. 6. Wait for your therapist to return. They will knock on the door to make sure you are prepared before entering the room 7. Enjoy your massage! 8. Once the session is complete, the massage therapist will exit the room to allow you to dress. 9. The therapist, with your permission, will return to pack up their belongings and leave. 10. Don't forget to rate your massage therapist!
  • How does your referral program work?
    The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others! For every 5 new referred friends, you'll earn 60 massage minutes. We will add credit to your record where you will be able to use it towards a 60 min service of your choice. Invite your friends and share the promotion with them and they will receive a complimentary enhancement ($20 value) during their first service. After five of your friends complete an appointment and name you as the referrer, 60 minutes of credit will be added to your WeLife account.
  • How do I tip?
    Tipping is the industry standard for wellness services. We reccommend 18% - 20%. We've made it convienent for you to add the tip at checkout so that everything is taken care of online. Any additional gratuity is at your discretion 100% of your gratuity is given to your service provider and is transparently broken out and displayed on your receipt.
  • What are the guidelines for pregnant customers?
    Wellness Lifestyle at Home will not offer services to expentant customers until after the 12th week of their pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you should talk to your doctor before booking a service with us.
  • What are the benefits of a WeLife Membership?
    WeLife Membership is perfect for individuals or couples who are excited about living into a wellness lifestyle and love to save money. As part of your membership, you will enjoy one or two complimentary services a month plus any additional services booked of equal value will receive a 10% discount. If you get busy and miss a month, your credits will roll over to the next.


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