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Our Commitment to You

Providing you with a safe, professional and stress-free experience is our number one priority. 

Spa Massage

Our Code of Conduct

We pledge to provide the finest personal service with attention to detail throughout each interaction. We abide by the highest levels of professionalism and offer effective pain and stress management through the skilled application of massage techniques.


Your Responsibility

Before your service begins, share any special needs you may have with your service provider, including any product preferences for your skin. 

Once your service begins, let your provider know if your massage table and headrest need
 any adjustments or if you want more or less pressure. 

Communicate if at any time you are feeling uncomfortable during the treatment.

You must demonstrate ethical behavior. Your service provider will immediately terminate the service if any inappropriate comments or behaviors are displayed.

We ask that you refrain from booking or cancel your appointment if you are sick, have a fever, or any communicable illness. 

Sanitizing Surfaces

Cleanliness Practices

Your service provider will follow the highest cleanliness and sanitation guidelines. Providers will thoroughly wash hands before and after each treatment. Fresh, clean linens will be used for each client and all equipment will be disinfected between services.

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